SQL Formatter

MYSQL, SQL Server, and all other Queries will be format through SQL formatter. With the SQL Beautifier, Your data will be the readable format.

SQL(Structured Query Language) is communicating with the Database to execute queries and get results and store results to Database.

  • With the SQL Formatter, you can Beautify your SQL Queries.
  • Minify your SQL Queries Data with SQL Formatter to reduce its size.
  • Download your minified or beautified SQL Data with a Shortcut button on the top panel.
  • Help with SQL Formatter you can copy, pest and clear your data from Text panel.
  • Checkout, redo and undo text functionality for your efficient use.
  • Sample data is for you to check how the tool is to work and understand its flow to execution.

Know more about SQL.

SQL Formatter is working properly in Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge and it's Free.